Consumer Bureau

illion's Consumer Bureau combines a vast array of public, private and proprietary data sources with cutting-edge matching algorithms and analytics to provide our customers with trusted insights on consumers.

Our unique combination of data registries is unparalleled in the New Zealand and Australian markets. Our database is drawn from a variety of sources which broadly fall under three core categories: customer-sourced, commercially-sourced and public record data. First credit experiences obtained via telcos, utilities, and finance sector organisations are augmented with complementary data sources, such as property documents and court filings and judgements.

Utilising sophisticated matching, data science, and big data platform capabilities, we are able to combine and accurately synthesise these sources to produce New Zealand and Australia’s richest database of consumer information.

Comprehensive Reporting Portal

With the move to comprehensive reporting in Australia, we have built an online tool to take the hard work out of providing your data to credit bureaus.

Comprehensive Reporting Portal

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