Innovative technologies to simplify the collection of payments

For over 30 years, illion Digital Tech Solutions has worked towards revolutionising the payments and collections industry, serving financial services, government, telecoms, and utilities organisations across the world.

Digital Tech Solutions

illion Digital Tech Solutions provides 24/7 self-service payment technologies across multiple digital channels, including SMS, IVR (interactive voice response) and online payment portals.

To help our clients minimise collection costs and provide an outstanding experience for their customers, our suite of services is complemented by a number of unique features. These include:

  • Highly personalised messaging designed to build trust in our clients’ brands.
  • The quickest and easiest customer payment journeys in the market.
  • Multichannel platforms so customers can find payment channels that best suit them.
  • Solutions that have been rigorously tested across multiple industries and countries, to help positively impact OPEX, DSO and customer satisfaction scores.

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Benefits to clients

Reduce Collections Cost

Clients can achieve up to 80% reduction in collection costs by shifting their strategy from manual intervention to automated, self-service digital payments.

Improve Customer Engagement

Deliver personalised communication via multiple channels such as IVR, web, SMS, direct debit and mobile driving ease and flexibility to pay.

Compliance & Security

Highest levels of security and compliance by facilitating payments through Level 1 PCI DSS accredited payment gateway.

Reduce DSO

Speed up customers’ journey to payment by offering a choice of automated frictionless payment channels.

Increased Collections

Drastically reduce bad debt through consistent early intervention.

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