At illion, we live and breathe our values every day

Our values are at the very heart of our business. They shape the way we behave, the way we make decisions, and the way we develop our culture.
We have worked across the business to establish a set of behaviours that align to our values and define how we work together as a group.

We wonder on many levels. About ideas. And about how others see them. We listen with curiosity. Obsess the numbers. And embrace new ways to make data, make a difference. Looking for solutions to move forward, we’re not bound by the past. We’re inspired by the future. And how we can apply our knowledge to make possibilities a reality.

We work wonders when we work together. Our diverse perspectives and backgrounds make us greater than the sum of our parts. We’re one team, where every single one of us counts. Our shared success is built by helping all our partners move forward.

Everything we do is built on integrity. We hold ourselves to high standards And higher principles. We act with good intentions. Taking every opportunity to be that little bit better.


People are at the heart of our products, processes, and culture. We are driven by the strength of our relationships and bring understanding to everything we do. We’re inclusive. Measuring the impact of our actions on others first. Kindness and humanity prevail.

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