Maximising your sales and marketing investment is all about intelligent decision making powered by access to the best quality data and analytics.

illion has Australia’s largest marketable database and a team of world-class consumer and business data experts who bring this data to life.

Through scorecards, machine learning algorithms and augmented intelligence, our comprehensive and insight-driven marketing solutions can support you throughout your customer lifecycle. From segmentation and targeting, to channel planning; from onboarding to relationship management. With our data-driven insights powering your marketing decisions, you can ensure you’re always minimising risk and maximising growth opportunities and new revenue streams.


illion’s Marketing Solutions Insights provides an extensive range of analysis, profiling and modelling for businesses. Using variables such as industry, size, location and age, businesses can understand group characteristics and create scored models.

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illion can provided a flat file of the full set of 16 million Australian records with attribute data via a secure file transfer service. The customer then simply loads the data into their IT infrastructure to support their Marketing and Sales departments. The customer can also use our recently released APIs to pull in data as often as needed.

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Lead Portals

A suite of unique online platforms, including D&B Hoovers, allow subscribers to leverage sales intelligence tools from a local to a global level. These platforms enable businesses to shorten their sales cycle and effectively market to new prospects.

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Batch Solutions

Optimise lead generation capability by customising bespoke marketing lists from extensive data on commercially active contact points. Our solutions support customers in all aspects of strategic, data-driven, B2B sales and marketing activities.

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