Commercial Risk

By unlocking data-driven insights about the commercial entities you do business with, illion helps you minimise your risk so you can make more informed credit decisions.

Our unparalleled data sources and sophisticated analytics inform our array of reports and proprietary predictive risk scores. These reports and scores reveal actionable insights about your risk exposure and growth opportunities. We also provide access to third party information such as land titles and the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR), allowing you to validate or register security to protect your business exposure.


In business to business transactions, illions unique commercial data gives you the confidence to know who’s behind the business your dealing with and how financial sound they are. This allows you to speed up the acquisition process and concentrate on delivering your services.

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Credit Analytics

illion has 130 years of history in the market, helping to understand and analyze the financial health of businesses of all size. Our services range from utilising our market leading scores, to helping credit teams build in-house scores and scorecard through to financial health checks on existing customer bases or current assessment practices.

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Credit Monitoring

Commercial Entities are constantly changing which drives the need to keep up to date with the current view of your existing customer base. This includes an up to date view of their financial health, changes in ownership, changes in status or changes in shareholding. illion monitoring service provides automated daily alerts to give you up to date information, which helps you see early warning signs, opportunities for additional business or helping you focus on where your staff need to spend their time.

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ID, Fraud & AML

illion provides a comprehensive AML and KYC solution through either batch data services or through our market-leading SimpleKYC solution. This empowers you to have confidence in meeting your legal or regulatory requirements and truly understand who’s behind the business you are dealing with.

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